It’s Not the End…Maybe Just A New Beginning?!

13 Jan

Clear the roads Kerry Sims is driving again!!! Yes that’s right Kerry passed his driving test! I was just as surprised as you may be. I didn’t think he could pass a driving test before the accident let alone now. However, he did and couldn’t be happier. This definitely gives him a sense of freedom he needed. As for Tyler…he is moved into a gorgeous apartment in Irvine, CA (thanks to his sister 🙂 )! It seems as though things are moving well for the Sims family. We definitely have hit a few speed bumps with finding out Kerry is missing a muscle in his left shoulder that will probably never return. This now makes both his left and right side weak, but given everything it could be so much worse. There surely are more challenges we will face in the future, but we know that if we can get through all this we can get through just about anything. As for me…I have finally made my decision on whether or not I am returning to school and it looks like I am. It was a challenging choice, but I know Kerry is surrounded by amazing family and friends who will support him on week and weekends I cannot travel home.

Seeing as a terrible year has ended and a new one has begun I took this as my time to end my blog. I was unsure of when to do so with the comments I have received telling me how much people love me doing this. However, I feel I better go out on top before I start to get boring…hopefully I’m not too late! I am unsure of what’s next for my family. I do know whatever it is we have each other. With that and strength God has blessed me with I know we are going to make it through. A friend of mine wrote me this lovely comment “It seems that the worst things always happen to the best people, and even though it isn’t fair at all, it must be because those are the only people who are strong enough to take something positive out of such challenging situations.” I know times won’t be easy, but I am going to stay as positive as possible. I encourage you all to do the same. Life may seem so unfair, but you can’t change it. It’s harsh, but it’s reality. Just remember that once you get through it you will come out a better person and appreciate things so much more. I lived 21 years with an exceptional mother who should have had at least another 21 years in her. It’s painful to think I didn’t even reach half way of my time with her, but then again at least I got that. Never take the time you have with someone for granted because you never know. I love you all and am thankful God gave me each of you to get me through this. My strength is only measured by the people that surround me! Please feel free to contact us anytime you need an update, a prayer, or anything else you can think of (my email is posted under contacts)! The Sims Family is forever grateful to you all!

“And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.” ~ 1Peter 5:10


Life = A Gorilla…I think YES!

21 Dec

“Life is a little like wrestling a gorilla. You don’t quit when you’re tired–you quit when the gorilla is tired.” ~Robert Strauss

To me this quote is one that almost anyone can relate to! Unfortunately each of our gorilla’s (lives) rarely ever get tired. Personally I feel like as one thing comes to an end something else starts up. It has gone from the craziness of traveling when this whole incident took place, to constant hospital moves, planning my mother’s service, never-ending driving back and forth to hospitals, my mother’s birthday, Thanksgiving traveling, Christmas and now moving Tyler out to California! Yes I know something seems a little off with that last comment. However, it is true…that little butt is leaving my father and I to move out there. Tyler, who never thought he would leave Colorado, had the opportunity to transfer out there. He thought it might be best seeing as Travis is out there and one day (not sure exactly when) I will be out there. My father has even talked about making the move himself…we all know he would love to live in Napa! So instead of packing up my own belongings and returning to California…I will be making the nightmare 16hr drive to California for my brother. Tyler driving the UHaul and me driving his car. I guess I can say life is also an adventure and you NEVER know what to expect. I have come to take it as it comes. Crying when necessary. Opportunities present themselves at the strangest times and I can only explain that as an act of God. Despite the last-minute of it all, I think this change will be good for him. As for my dad, I know it will be difficult to see his son finally leave the house after 23 years (almost 24 years). I think it’s going to be a harsh reality for what’s to come, but at least he knows no matter where we all are he has three kids who love him very much.

As for Kerry, he is continuing out-patient therapy. He has been working lots with physically therapy to regain strength in his arm and other problem areas. A new discovery to us was how mangled up Kerry’s spine is. From the accident his spine is now curving and hunched out. His PT is working hard on pushing it back into place. She literally will push and stretch until is seems to be moving itself back. It is not pleasant to watch is all I can say!

With the craziness of each of your lives I just want to say thank you to everyone for the continued support! I know each of you are facing your own nightmares and I am so grateful that after 4 months (to the day) you all are still here for us. The prayers are always needed and we are definitely grateful for them. If we can ever return the favor please do not hesitate. I would do anything to repay the kindness given to my family! Have a very Merry Christmas!!!

You Will Find A Way!

2 Dec

It is amazing what feelings we can go through and what internal pain we can experience! God created us into complicated creatures that can endure so much. You can be crying one moment and laughing the next. Your insides can feel as though they are about to explode from happiness and then seem as though they may crumble from the pain. I never knew sadness could hurt so much…I think it may be one of the greatest pains one can experience. Yet, God will heal you as he does a broken arm. That arm may never be the as it once was, but in time it will improve. So in time I know my heart will do the same. As well, I know my fathers injuries will improve!

A glimpse of improvement is what I saw from my father this past weekend–For Thanksgiving, the four of us made the 9hr drive to Kansas to visit the Sims Family out at my grandparents. Our time spent there was short, but worth it. I think it was time we all needed, especially my dad and his parents. While mentally my dad seems to be slowing a little in his progress; physically he has a way of persevering. He is slow and still can’t manage to walk without showing something is off. Nonetheless he keeps going. Over this past weekend at my grandparents he walked (or I should say hiked) a good couple of miles on their land. He’s a tough man and I know will pull through. Just over 3 months ago he was laying in ICU unable to even open his eyes or talk. Now he is walking and showing us all what a strong man he is. That fast progress is something I think is important to keep in mind whenever I start to get frustrated with progress, or lack there of. It all will just take time!

Just to give those of you who have not seen Kerry an idea…

Kerry not even at his worst!



Kerry and his father in Kansas!

Put On Your Boogie Shoes For Jill!

19 Nov

I believe my mother knew best…and that was to dance! Never did she let a moment pass her by to get up and have some fun. I might not feel like getting up at the current moment, but I know one day I will. Today a family friend made a comment to me that stuck…”I’m not going to tell you things are going to get easier because I’m not sure if they will.” For once it was so nice to hear someone say something other than the “typical” response. It’s the truth too! I honestly don’t think situations like this get easier. Instead I think you adapt your life and learn to live with what you have been given. You cannot change what has happened and you still have to keep going.  Therefore you get through one day at a time crying when you need to. You just learn to wipe them away when done and continue on. Plus I know my mom doesn’t want to watch me cry 24/7…she wants to watch me live. She always said she was living vicariously through me and I know she still is…so I must not disappoint. I’m going to smile, laugh, drink, dance…and much more for her! 🙂 Maybe not now, but I’m working on it!

I also want to take a moment and thank everyone for coming, helping and sending supportive thoughts our way on Saturday. The memorial service turned out beautifully and I could not have done it without you all. The only thing I wanted to do was honor my mother and create an atmosphere that felt like her. In my opinion that was accomplished. Standing up to honor my mother was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, but I know it was something my brothers and I wanted to do for her. I think it fit too…Travis the rock, me the emotional mess and Tyler the comedian. That is exactly how my mother saw us and I am so happy we could stay that way till the end for her! 🙂

Right or Left? Maybe you should just flip a coin!

10 Nov

“Life ain’t always what you thought it ought to be!” We all have plans for our lives…if not plans at least ideas of what we do and do not want. I know I had a plan of the direction I wanted my life to go, but all it took was one life changing event to put a stop to everything. One moment I am heading home from work, and the next I am loading my car of whatever belongings can fit and driving to Colorado. Suddenly all those things that once mattered no longer do and you find yourself in the strangest place…you don’t know anything. The only thing I found to do is trust in God and follow my heart. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring as I once did (or at least thought I did), and I certainly don’t know what a year from now will be like. I’ve lost my mother at a young age, which is something that you think will never happen to you. That is a situation that only happens to other people, but not to you. It’s a surreal feeling! I know she’s up there though re-planning my life for me. The first thing I know she’s going to do is find me a guy. That’s how she was…she just wanted me to find someone and to be happy with them. I mean when you have a mother that gives a guy your name to find you on Facebook you know she’s trying to tell you something. At least I can carry on knowing I have God making sure to give me a fulfilled life and my mother right next to him giving her input. I guess all I can say to you is if your plan is disturbed maybe the direction you were heading was wrong. I’m no expert, but believing in ideas like this is what gets me from one day to the next. You always need to give your life meaning…otherwise it isn’t a life worth living! I love you all and please smile because you can…it’s something I tend to forget lately!

Now to get to what you probably came looking for. My dad is doing great. Still a very stubborn man, but a healthy one. He looks great and is regaining movement in his right arm. Mentally strangers probably wouldn’t think a thing, but to us we do see a few things. Such as his OCD on making our dogs lay down. The poor things can’t even make a move without getting yelled at. At this point it’s just little things that we notice and are thankful that he has recovered to point he’s at!

Hotel Deals!

4 Nov
A family friend of ours, Tami Gerrard, set up discounted rates at a few hotels in the area. If you are coming in from out-of-town and in search of a hotel look at these locations. Hopefully this helps!
Hilton Garden Inn
9290 Meridian Blvd.
Englewood, CO 80112
To make a reservation contact Renee Wriedt at 303-824-1567 or email her at Let her know you would like the reduced rate for the Sims Memorial. She works M-F but said you can leave her a message either place and she will get back to you. The rate is $49.00 per night, this does not include breakfast.
Hampton Inn in Castle Rock
4830 Castleton Way
Castle Rock, CO 80104
To make a reservation call 303-660-9800 and let them know it is for the Sims Family Memorial. The rate is $59.00 per night rate (I don’t know if that is including breakfast or not).

“In the end everything will be okay. If it isn’t okay-it isn’t the end.”

1 Nov

Do you ever stop and think to yourself…how did my life become this way? or maybe you’re wondering where your life went. Well, I think it’s a fact that many of us are never fully happy with our lives. Maybe you’re lacking the job you need, don’t have that special someone in your life or lost the most important person in your life. Whatever it may be remember that these struggles are what define us. Each unfortunate event is what makes us stronger and grows us in our faith. Never forget you are not alone, no matter how alone you may feel. I know it is easier said than accepted…I’m right there with you…we just need to keep in mind that God is bringing us to these points in our lives for a reason. That reason is unclear to us now, but one day we will have that “aha” moment. Till then hang in there!

Today was Kerry’s first day of outpatient therapy and what a long day it was. We arrived at 10AM and did not escape till 4PM. For now he will be having therapy three days a week, but could decrease in the future. I can’t help but worry the decreased number of therapy days will slow down his progress. He is a strong man though, as we all know, and hopefully he will diminish that worry!

Location and time of Memorial Service set! Please see Important Dates for info!